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AIR Sun Chang

From November 1st until 9th February 2022 artist Sun Chang has a working period at Witte Rook.

Sun Chang is a social artist and independent publisher. Born and raised in Wuhan, China, lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Sun’s practice focuses on community building and interdependence, which leads to establishing a social platform, so as to restore the relations and keep the value shared and grown in common, as a common belongings. Since the first lock down of 2020, Sun initiated to M • Others, a social publishing project explores womxnhood and female economy through the ideas of mothering. During the residency, Sun will bring the previous research and publications did with mothers from Amsterdam to Breda, opening up for further conversations and discussions with local M • Others.

At the end the residency, Sun Chang will launch a special edition of to M•Others in collaboration with Kija Benford from Vrouwenmantel Art Research Group, a Breda based art initiative who creates spaces for researching the maternal in art.

This publication focuses on the M•Others from the art and cultural industry, as a joint research into the hardships parents experience while working in the arts – How are We Raising while Creating?It will be designed into a personal letter delivered to those working in Dutch art institutions, to create a direct conversation about embracing parenting and especially motherhood into today’s art world.

Geplaatst op 19.11.2021.

Witte Rook, Stationslaan, Breda, Netherlands

Van: 18.12.2021
Tot: 08.02.2022


The publication will be launched on 9th February 2022, following by a series of distribution presented on Witte Rook, Vrouwenmantel Art Research Group and to M•Others’ social media.