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International Talent Program BredaPhoto/en


In addition to the nurturing of talents from various international academies, BredaPhoto also focuses on the development of recently graduated talent emerging onto the contemporary art market. In addition to the selection of student exhibitors, an international group of recently graduated photographers was selected to form an artists’ collective for the first six weeks of the festival. At the premises of Witte Rook eight alumni will be working and  present their progress every saturday from 10.00 – 17.00.

In our series of informal lectures, Witte Rook on Sunday afternoon, we focus on the personal experience of being an Artist in Residence. On sunday September 23rd there will be an edition of the informal experience based lectures.

Thursday 11 October the evening will be filled with experimental electronic music. NYX (Dyane Donck en Els Mondelaers) performes a preview of the opera Myriam and Julian Edwardes with improvisations.

The residency will be concluded by an exhibition at 19 -21 October within the opening hours 10.00-17.00.

Geplaatst op 07.09.2018.

Liniestraat 111, Breda, Nederland

Van: 05.09.2018
Tot: 22.10.2018

Residence attendees wil be: Iryna Zakharova (FAMU Praag), Miguel Cipriano Dos Reis (KASK Antwerpen), Marc Elisabeth (AKV | Sint Joost Breda), Alix Jacops (KASK Gent), Dávid Biró (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest), Vedad Divovic (Fach Hochschuhle Bielefeld), Eva Beazar (LUCA School of Arts / Sint Lukas) and Nora Hazhaz  (LUCA School of Arts / Narafi).

Researchmaterial by Cindy Bakker / Artist in Residence 2017-2018