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Expositie: Koen Theys in Electron tijdens BredaPhoto

The Final Countdown

The video-installation ‘The Final Countdown’ contains more than 2000 clips found on YouTube, each showing an individual interpreting the celebrated opening tune of the song ‘The Final Countdown’, created by the rock band ‘Europe’. People from all over the world play this tune on piano, violin, trumpet or harmonica, in a brass band, in a symphonic orchestra or just singing, together with thousands of other people in gigantic stadiums.

At first the video installation seduces us, just like the tune, but soon we are overcome with uneasiness at the sight of all these individuals trying to excel in the interpretation of this popular tune. How painful, these attempts, for how common they are, how general, how painfully normal! In seeing these people, we are reminded of our own dreams, which are no less futile… But at the same time we take delight in this beautifully constructed baroque piece of art, turning a simple tune into the maddening heart of a dionysiac Greek chorus.


Geplaatst op 06.05.2016.

Belcrumweg 19, Breda, Nederland

Van: 15.09.2016
Tot: 30.10.2016

Belcrumweg 19
4815 HA Breda
De video installatie is te bezoeken in de Grote Hal, van dinsdag tot en met zondag
10.00u tot 17.00u