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Can you live my space?

On November 3 at 5 PM the exhibition ‘Can You Live My Space?’ will open with the works of 12 artists that participated in the Artist in Residence program of Witte Rook between 2017 and 2022. The official opening is at 7 PM in de StadsGalerij. During the opening, artists Ying Liu and Bruno De Marco in collaboration with the performer Kira-Lily Marshall will give a performance.

Can You Live My Space? is a group exhibition that takes place at three venues simultaneously: the StadsGalerij, and the Ecker Gallery in Breda, as well as in a large virtual project room hosted by the Common Garden platform. In this exhibition, curated by Cristina Materassi, the works of Anna Püschel (Gent), Bruno De Marco (Berlin), Emmie Liebregts (Breda), Fenna Koot (Breda), Hussel Zhu (Rotterdam), Jui-Tsz Shiu (Taipei), Karina Beumer (Antwerpen), Loran van de Wier (Tilburg), Margot Zweers (Ospel), Simon Whetham (Bristol), Ying Liu (Rotterdam), Yuk Kan Yeung (Breda) are presented.

The exhibition reflects on the concept of space both from a physical and conceptual point of view; it is an attempt to rethink exhibition space not as static but as experimental, for collective reflection. It is a journey that aims to offer a more intimate look at places, engaging the objects, gestures and habits of strangers in the same place. It offers a path with no particular direction between three very different spaces that become one with their surroundings, unified by the characteristic of being places that can be inhabited by everyone, temporarily. The works of the artists will be seen in the two venues in Breda to be brought together in the virtual exhibition space in a way to interact with the specifics of each venue to create a narrative for contemporary art to be presented in a contemporary way.

Ying Liu: A Cleaning Lady in Witte Rook #2

“Two years ago I did a project about cleaning as a practice in the previous residency building of Witte Rook. This performance is a continuation of that project, but in a different circumstances and social environment which is of an art opening.”

Bruno De Marco and Kira-Lily Marshall: That last night you called me, 2023

“Through soundscapes and nostalgia, a story is told in which experience of immigration and queerness come together in soundscapes, nostalgia, instrumental voice change and one’s own body.”

During the evening of the opening Kira-Lily Marshall will also perform with a DJ set. Kira Lily Marshall is a member of the Berlin based and makes there radio under the name of Kiki.

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Van: 03.11.2023
Tot: 26.11.2023

Friday November 3th, 5-10 PM, StadsGalerij
Galerie Ecker is November 3th open from 7 – 10 PM

Important dates

Workshop: Sunday November 5th, 3 PM, public space (cancelled)
Artist talk: Thursday November 16th, from 8-10 PM, Common Garden
Finissage: Sunday November 26th, from 2-5 PM, Galerie Ecker

Opening hours & address Opening hours & address

De StadsGalerij
Oude Vest 34 - 4811 HT Breda
Friday till Sunday from 1-5 PM

Galerie Ecker
Markendaalseweg 18, 4811 KC Breda
Friday till Sunday from 1-5 PM

Virtual space'
Always online from November 3th.