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Losing Winter

On the 13 and 14 of January, Losing Winter, a live performance and gallery installation, will be presented in the StadsGalerij in Breda. Losing Winter, hosted by Witte Rook, is a site-specific, participatory artwork and archive of memories and emotions about winter created by artist Lynn Cazabon (USA) in collaboration with theatre artist Anne Leijdekkers (NL).

The performance and installation are the result of obtaining the memories about winter from  the residents of Park Zuiderhout, a former monastery and now the home of elderly people. Cazabon and Leijdekkers recorded memories from residents of Park Zuiderhout in early October 2023. In collaboration with three young actors from 39Graden, the youth community of Podium Bloos, they are currently working on creating a performance and gallery installation of Losing Winter. During the rehearsal process, the artists are working in person and virtually with the young artists in response to the recorded memories. This will create new texts, images, scenes, and physical gestures that come together in an installation in the StadsGalerij, in which video and live elements will respond to each other. A separate installation and performance will take place at Park Zuiderhout on Friday, January 12.

The installation will be on view in the StadsGalerij from 12:00 – 17:00 on Saturday, January 13 and Sunday, January 14, 2024. Performance will happen starting at 13:00, 14:30 and 16:00. Visitors can enter and exit at any time during the performances, which will last approximately 40 minutes each.

Losing Winter is a site-specific, participatory artwork and archive of memories and emotions about winter created by American artist Lynn Cazabon. The project is realized through the participation of local communities, site-specific exhibitions, and virtually through a dedicated augmented reality mobile application. Each time the project is realized in a new location, memories are added from local residents.

About Lynn Cazabon

Lynn Cazabon is an artist based in Baltimore, MD and a Professor of Art at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Her work has been exhibited internationally in museums and galleries, as public art, and in solo and group exhibitions. She has received grants and fellowships from institutions, including the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund, The Puffin Foundation, Robert W. Deutsch Foundation, Maryland State Arts Council, and the U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program. Cazabon received an MFA degree in Photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art and BFA and BA degrees from University of Michigan.

About Anne Leijdekkers

In her visual work, Anne Leijdekkers (Rotterdam) theatrically investigates the relationship between humans and the non-human environment. Her projects, collaborations and assignments relate to (changing) landscapes and the relationships between humans and our non-human environment. In 2018 she successfully completed her master’s degree in Scenography at the HKU on the basis of these themes. Anne prefers to apply the theatrical view in the already existing environment, outside the walls of the theatre. In addition to developing her makership, she works as a designer and maker for theater collective De Vrouwen van Wanten, Gaia’s Machine and Jeugdtheater Hofplein, among others.

The project Losing Winter is supported by Stichting KLEIO, The municipality of Breda and the Mondriaanfund and with the collaboration of our partners Park Zuiderhout and Podium Bloos.

Geplaatst op 02.10.2023.

Van: 13.01.2024
Tot: 14.01.2024

Opening hours & adress

De StadsGalerij

Oude Vest 34, 4811 HT Breda

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 January 2024

Daily performances at 13:00, 14:30 and 16:00

Duration 40 minutes

The installation will be on view in the StadsGalerij from 12:00 – 17:00

The Losing Winter project, an initiative by visual artist Lynn Cazabon (USA) in collaboration with visual artist Anne Leijdekkers (NL), started at 1 October 2023.