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No Material Difference

What makes a difference; materiality, concept, perspective? Material is the substance that comprises the whole, a gestalt matter of that which is tangible. Or is it? The material that leads to a play or a comedy routine isn’t tangible. So then, is material a tool? A yard of fabric? Is material a quality? Whether substantial or a mode of philosophical reasoning in our work; there is no material difference. 

As we embark on our graduation, we invite you to a showcase of our progress and research in it’s final culmination. At AKV|St.Joost, master’s students are challenged to respond to and shape a new reality within the contemporary landscape. With a focus on new models of self-organizati
on, alternative networks and artist-initiated activities; participants explore their own position, while focusing on an integrated approach to independent research and studio practice.


Thom Brand (NL) /
Elena Capra (IT) /
Helga Jakobson (CA) /
Maurice Nuiten (NL) /
Guido de Pooter (NL) /
Ielse Slager (NL) /
Jeremiah Douglas Stroud ( USA ) /

Geplaatst op 07.06.2017.

Kloosterlaan 138, Breda, Nederland

Van: 23.06.2017
Tot: 05.07.2017

Opening  No Material Difference on 22 june 2017

Throughout the course of our exhibition at Club Solo, we will be scheduling events and performances, which we will announce closer to the date of our opening.