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The exhibition THEY LOST MY FACE presents various of the new works by Adriano La Licata (1989, Palermo), currently based in Amsterdam. Adriano presents sculptures, photographes and video charged with a playful and anarchist attitude that embrace the viewer with an absurd outcome in which the order of the everyday is undermined and absurdities are revealed. The work transforms matter into spirit, presence into absence, and moves from concrete to magic.

Fragility, vulnerability and irony are the ways to get it. The glitch settles on its throne. A subtle line presented in between two thoughts finally claims its value. Just wait, believe in waiting and you will see.


Geplaatst op 09.01.2017.

Stichting Electron, Belcrum-Zuid, Speelhuislaan, Breda, Nederland

Van: 12.01.2017
Tot: 15.01.2017

Opening Thursday 12th of January
Doors open 19:30
Opening 20:00

Open Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th of January
13:00 till 17:00