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WKNDX : Victor Waasdorp

Victor Waasdorp presenteert
“Ik ben niet dat, dus ik ben en dat zijt dus ook”


“The few questions coming from my universe.

by looking inwards to myself I’ll fix many problems by creating them with questions first. do you want to go there victor? my clock is ticking, but i’m free as a bird in a cage. hmm…

lets look inside my head, my body’s guard, my universe…
Is it the one and only total, or is it totally nothing bound together (by common knowledge)?

Is it a bunch of nonsense explaining it, because of my inherited language maybe? Maybe, and maybe is our common language irrelevant to the rules of the universe.

and is common sense all we’ve got, if we’ve got it at all? if we lose it…

do not we then dream, do we? what?

Let’s pretend i want to say any thing what so ever… and art is about knowing stuff…
English does question everything doesn’t it? Or am I wrong? English looks to me as if it were the language of the unknowing. But jet it does not to many. Do we base all international law’s on that fact? Maybe they just tell us to do so, don’t they? do you Understand a word i am saying?

Maybe by locking me up and sedating my brains, but…

Are complications in general actually my own free will, or not?… will I ever know about ‘our’ own will? How can the human mind properly explain all its diversity without getting too complicated for me to understand the people and myself? I want to explain the diversity, but can i just by showing them the divirgenge? Is it common sense for you not wanting to go there? Not wanting to go there ourselves (In multiplicity) and let one bunch of self-proclaimed statuses fix the problem?

I ask you personal, to you, as you are being a human: are you capable of anything?

or are you collectively as a species destroying every possible outcome, to end up with one truth, which is so wide ranged! as wide ranged as the sensibility of any diversity of notions from humanity and its explanations, that are the mirror image of MY universe? do i base my work on that? because get real, really can you look further than “i am”? But can we do so as a collective, or can’t we? were is your universe? what is the answer? Looking inwards?

will it ever lead to several truths? If so, would i lie to myself by acting like it is the only answer?

as far as i can see ‘the nothing’ is a door waiting to be opened. ‘the nothing’ we understand is all we commonly know, Nothing includes us all. “nothing is all…”* that i can tell about my work. But i can only tell about the nothing from the now if ‘nothing’ includes all there is, ever will be and never: was, or shall be.

do you know our nature? in which all our inspiration lies hidden?

Do you, someone else, comprise me? Can some one else’s understanding be “made up of” my understanding? Can someone else tell me my universe? my vision?

no, i won’t answer to those nonsense questions! that would be destroying my free-time! let’s say something sensible and act in enjoyment: Let’s call victor’s creation “special works of art” and let’s pretend to not know why he has made it . What have I recognized in all these questions? what is his work about anyhow? does he himself know? When he is done/finished talking in his own language.Maybe i’ll ask victor waasdorp himself. But not now. Before we die;

let’s get real, today we felt company. And so, lets drink on it.”


Geplaatst op 15.01.2017.

Stichting Electron, Speelhuislaan, Breda, Nederland

Van: 19.01.2017
Tot: 22.01.2017

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