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Top5: O'Lala

Wat zijn jouw favoriete kunstwerken en waarom kies je juist voor deze?
Kleine waarschuwing, sommige kunstwerken zijn expliciet. Hieronder volgt de top 5 van O’lala, voormalig artist in resident bij Witte Rook. Heb jij ook 5 werken die je wilt delen? Mail dan jouw 5 werken naar

O’lala : “I choose my top 5, based on my personal preferences. My answers are as personal and expressive as I am in my artworks. I just will say the things that are related to the feelings that I took from those artworks.”


Sarah Lucas – Eating A Banana ( Revisited ), 1990 – 2017

Sarah Lucas , “eating a banana”  shows a nice sexual feeling then I have this in my mind “I wish the dicks were as delicious as bananas“.


Tracey Emin – I’ve Got It All, 2000

Tracey Emin, “I’ve got it all”, it’s a wish for me, it takes me to my dreams of how can I be rich and sexy and artist at the same time, also to one of my memories when I had a conversation with a prostitute in my bed and I asked her if she loves her job and she told me: ”I hate it but I want to save my income to buy my own apartment since my colleague could buy one by working even less hours than me.”


Mike Kelly – Little Friend, 2007

I need to keep my best friends in a box forever while she/he cannot speak to me anymore. I would keep it on the shelf of my room just to be sure that it is just mine.


Tracey Emin – Sometimes I Feel Beautiful, 2000

This is me when I am dead.


Nan Goldin, – Jimmy Paulette on David’s Bike, 1991

Nan Goldin, “Jimmy Paulette on David’s Bike” , this reminds me of my talented friend Maurice Nuiten who showed me Nan Goldin works for the first time and I felt I have missed something worthy till now in my life that I had never seen her works before, how people can be related to each other without knowing for so long, this time I see him I ll party with him all the night like the feeling that I get from this photo and then will put him in the fancy box of “little friend” by Mike Kelly and would keep it for my own forever.






Stationslaan 111, Breda, Nederland

O'Lala (IR) worked as Artist in Residence at Witte Rook in 2019.

In 2014 she graduated her Master Fine Arts at AKV St. Joost. She uses a broad range of media: painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, fashion, writing and performance.

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