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1694 - Verão


Este poema foi escrito enquanto apanhava ar fresco em
em casa de um ator de teatro Nô, chamado Yutô, em Zeze.

a fragrância do vento
chegando no momento certo –
mansa ondulação

Matsuo Bashō, O Eremita Viajante [Haikus – Obra Completa] – (eng.: The Traveling Hermit [Haikus – The Complete Works]) Porto, Porto Editora 2017.
Translated and compiled by Joaquim M. Palma.

those beautiful lines of rememberance
I ll let them come our way when these flowers
allow their transformation

Bruno De Marco, an attempt to transform it into my own; 2020.
Online Installation-Performance.
Huawei Mate 10 Lite, Macbook Pro Model A1708, Canon Printer MG5750, typing machine Privileg 591C, Alcohol, Box of Matches, Office Paper A4, Witte Rook’s Website.
Variable Dimensions.

Bruno De Marco

Berlin, Duitsland

Bruno De Marco is our second Artist in Residence in 2020 and worked at Witte Rook from February 4th till the end of March. The results of his residency were shown in his online performance of An attempt to transform it into my own.

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