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AIR - Tina Umer


From this year on, we ask our Artists in Residence (AIR) to send us some (photo)documentation of their work to share them with our online community. This way we intent to expand our online open archive and invite you to join in the artistic processes that take place in our physical space, even if you live abroad or are unable to visit during the exhibitions. Today, we proudly present the documentation of AIR Tina Umer, who worked with us during September and October 2020.




Jorieke Rottier

Stationslaan 111, Breda, Nederland

Tina Umer (SE), Master of Arts in Fotografie, Valand Avedemy te Götenborg, Zweden (2019), was our Artist in Residency in September and October 2020.

The presentation of her work was visible 24/7 on the gates and front door of Witte Rook.

Highlighting the environment - AIR Tina Umer
The artist-photographer Tina Umer started her two-month residency at Witte Rook in the fall of 2020. Tina Umer is lead by her intu...
Soundtrack Tina Umer
Wegens Covid-19 zal de presentatie van Tina Umer in aangepaste vorm plaatsvinden. Deze is vanaf vandaag 24/7 te zien, de foto’s ...
AIR, interview:
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