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“I’m Adriano La Licata, visual artist based in Amsterdam. The open call for an exhibition at Kopse Kant is a great opportunity for me to show the works that I’ve been creating during the last year of my stay in the Netherlands but also to experiment with new ideas in a particular context like Electron.”

“My fascination with photography and video have made me lean towards visual arts. Starting an examination and exploration of life, with ‘vital’ documentation, my work researches and illuminates the intrinsic but latent sensitivities present in everyday life. World and Life are my laboratory and from that, works of art come to existence.”

Being creator and creation

“Jumping in the gap between the train and the platform. Things start to lose form, the soul destroys rationality and finally I achieve a position of being both creator and creation. I become a swimming pool of fun and fear. It’s precisely in this space, between the hell I have inside and the bright project that is ahead, where the creative act comes to light. Moving as a shaman in the interstice between madness and wisdom, I abandon myself to any changes, any discoveries, or even to any failures.”

“Contemporary society becomes more liquid, and us with it. A constant mud blends infinite realities, unresolved mutations. The thin line between us and our surroundings, between me and you is vanishing. How to define oneself? Surfing this perpetual alteration, I become a nomad of several existences, moving from place to place, faith to faith, fate to fate. I explore and am explored by my vagrant experience in which I seek some invisible proof of my breath.”

Playful and anarchist attitude

“My work takes shape as photographs, sculptures and performances. Charged with a playful and anarchist attitude they embrace the viewer with an absurd outcome in which the order of the everyday is undermined and absurdities are revealed. The work transforms matter into spirit, presence into absence, and moves from concrete to magic.”


Stichting Electron, Speelhuislaan 171, Breda, Nederland

WKNDX: Adriano La Licata

Adriano La Licata shares his thoughts about working and presenting during WKNDX. Tekst bij Adriano La Licata, arranged by Marjan Kieboom.

The exhibition THEY LOST MY FACE presents various of the new works by Adriano La Licata (1989, Palermo), currently based in Amsterdam. Adriano presents sculptures, photographies and video charged with a playful and anarchist attitude that embrace the viewer with an absurd outcome in which the order of the everyday is undermined and absurdities are revealed. The work transforms matter into spirit, presence into absence, and moves from concrete to magic.

Fragility, vulnerability and irony are the ways to get it. The glitch settles on its throne. A subtle line presented in between two thoughts finally claims its value. Just wait, believe in waiting and you will see.

They Lost my face
From 12 till 15 January 2017

WKNDX is a dynamic exhibitonconcept where young artists after a short workingperiod present their work made or arranged in situ at Kopse Kant Electron Breda. The exhibition takes place for only one weekend on a solo/duo condition.


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