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to M•Others X Vrouwenmantel Art Research Group

“Born from the experience of being a mother, a parent, a caregiver working in the art and culture, this publication invites you to think along with us – How are we raising and creating? But also to engage with your working field – How are we raising while creating?

Until now, cultural workers still have to separate their identities of parents from Art ; still have to hide in a corner to pump milk while visiting a museum ; still will be qualified as inactive while doing maternal work. This is an industry that simulates the idea of the white cube, a place where the immaculate, perfection and youth are dreamed of.

This is why we are here to initiate this urgent conversation about parenting, especially motherhood, since women are usually expected to be the primary caretakers in patriarchal society.

The question – How are we raising and creating forms the basis for our investigation into the hardships parents experience while working in the arts. A joint research which stems from to M•Other’s encounter with the writings of Vrouwenmantel Art Research Group. We wish that this open-ended research can reach you in your own institutions. May it permeate your work ethic, institutional facility and social safety net. Building a more inclusive art world that centers on caring rather than individual success, that no longer rejects the chances for mothers to contribute to it.”


(Quoted from the publication)

This letter takes the shape of an invitation. From 9th Febuary 2022, they will be delivered to 100 culture workers from different Dutch Art Institutions to think along with us – How do you invite mothering back into the arts?


Stationslaan 111, Breda, Netherlands

The publication is a collaboration between to M•Others and Vrouwenmantel Art Research Group. It is made during the residency of Sun Chang (the director of to M•Others) in Witte Rook from November 2021 to February 2022.

Edited by Sun Chang and Kija Benford, designed by Léo Ravy.

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