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Hector Pahaut


AKV |St. Joost > BA grafisch ontwerpen

Seksualiteit / Mensenrechten / Media

Moeilijke dingen

graphic design & comics:
#3 - Colour as communication
When you’re trying to communicate a message through imagery, colour can work against the transmission of the message. Our brains...
graphic design & comics:
#4 - Simplifying visuals to emphasize the message
Simplifying imagery can be of great use when trying to communicate a message. For example, if you want to show a hand, you can sho...
graphic design & comics:
#5 - Illusion of time through narrative
One of the most intrinsic aspects of comics is the sequencing of imagery. Images follow each other to tell stories where character...
graphic design & comics:
#1 - Change is story is life
A single image is a powerful tool to set a mood, but if you want to tell a story, you’re going to have to introduce change in on...
graphic design & comics:
#2 - Text and visuals complement each other
Images and words have different strengths. In general, images are powerful at communicating things from the physical world, and wo...