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Peng Zhang on painting and water (pollution)

“My sister and brother studied art, so I am influenced by them. They always shared something about art with me, bringing me to art exhibitions. Because of them, I fell in love with painting. In 2008, I started my bachelor at the China Academy of Art. In 2015 I finished my master there. They supported me in studying in Holland, so I applied for many art academies in Holland some months ago, which were recommended by my tutors. Then I searched online for them, finding Fine Art at AKV St. Joost is more about practice and skill than others and that’s why I chose it. My friends are also studying and designing there, so they told me a lot about the academy.”

Water (pollution)

“Right now I am researching ‘water.’ This is about real water and about a culture about water. In China, there are many famous ink paintings with many ‘water’ elements in them. They are like a graceful lady. In Chinese transitional culture, there are many special thoughts and ideas about water. I started to research water two years ago, just focussing on artificial sides of water. I used acrylic paint to draw on canvas like in Chinese ink paintings. Now I plan to research ‘water’ from different angles and try to use different artificial ways to make my work. First, I start with physical water, researching the theme environment pollution. My home country has a serious problem with polluted water, so I am making some videos and images about that. Eventually I will project them on white foam during Cultuurnacht hoping that the audience understands my meaning and idea.”

“I want to grow as an artist without too much stress. I want to live in a quiet space and make works that I want to make, in freedom. Holland is the best place for me to be as an artist in the future. Dutch people love art, so I will try to stay here for a long time after graduation.”

Peng Zhang (China)



Belcrumweg 19, Breda, Nederland

AKV|St.Joost X Electron @Cultuurnacht

Cindy Bakker (NL), Thom Brand ( NL), Elena Capra (IT),  Helga Jakobsen (CA), JESUUS, Nicola Kirkaldy (NL), Ektor Ntourakos (GR), Maurice Nuiten (NL), Guido de Pooter (NL), Ielse Slager (NL), Jeremiah Douglas Stroud (US), Ami Tsang ( HK), Jake Yoo (KR) and Peng Zhang (CH).

Especially for Cultuurnacht the master’s students of Fine Arts AKV |St. Joost will take over the large hall of Electron. Fourteen first and second year artists will present their projects on which they have worked over the past year and with which they complete their lengthy research period. Accompanied by alumnus Maarten Spons they present a comprehensive exhibition. During the evening several interventions will take place in and around the exhibition. There will be a performance by Maurice Nuiten in association with Imke Zijnstra about 'being loved' and depending on the weather, Ielse Slager will organize an ‘open poetry night stargazing’. The full program will follow soon.

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