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Cindy Bakker on unseen objects, temporary solutions and Cultuurnacht

“A large green bag for packing your garden furniture, a plastic banana for your banana, for every bolt and screw is a solution. Everything is designed and conceived. We live in a programmed world in which the convenience serves us. But finding solutions for things that do not fit, the search for something quick and temporary,  something that works only at that particular time, that specific moment of mission and solution can be beautiful. When I walk on the street, take the train to Den Bosch, I notice these objects of ‘temporary solutions’ every day. They are everywhere, but what does these objects mean?”

Unseen objects

“When I see these unseen objects, I think of the narrative, the man that made this sculpture, how he did it, and how he was proud of his quick fix result. Not because it was aesthetic, nor designed, but made out a fast thought, a fast solution. A clock at the train station doesn’t work, there is no time to fix it, so what do you do? You grab a garbage bag and cover it up with some yellow tape. That will do the trick for the moment, a perfect temporary solution. In my studio I remake these moments with the same mentality as the makers of the original. Fast, imprecise, on the edge of permitted, almost a mistake. Using cheap material, that everyone uses everyday, like cardboard, foam, tape, paper, plastic, I unfold the story of the object. Using a lot of color to trigger primary emotions I shape them in a new visual language and show that these objects can be repaired and stay endlessly.”

“During Cultuurnacht I am going to present the result of my first research at the MA Fine Art program, that I recently started this September 2016. It will be a first test how people respond to the sculptures. A great opportunity to experience if people can relate to the objects and what they see in them.”

Cindy Bakker (NL, 1989), 1st year MA Fine Arts


Belcrumweg 19, Breda, Nederland

AKV|St.Joost X Electron @Cultuurnacht

In this article Cindy Bakker shares her motives for being an artist and the work she will be presenting at Electron Breda. Text by Cindy Bakker, arranged by Marjan Kieboom.

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